Buildings and Buildings and Buildings…


So recently, I started working on my first building project, involving designing a private and public/service space for a bookbinder. After about a week, the one thing that became quite clear was…designing a whole building (even if it’s just a tiny one) is quite fucking hard.

For starters, there’s an immense amount of aspects that need considering at which case, I do wonder why the fuck I’m doing all the designing alone. From the context of the site, to the needs of the client, to whether what I’m doing even makes logical sense, I find myself constantly discovering new things to consider…But I guess that’s one of the challenges of studying architecture, and of course one of the things that makes it most exciting.

To an outsider, the task of designing may seem superficial. As simple as picking eye catching forms, elegant windows, and just in general creating an aesthetically pleasing outcome. It may also seem as though much of the work they see being produced may be unnecessary and over the top. Yet to a person so indulged in the process of coming up with a building, the rigour in churning out pain-staking drawings and models seems second-nature and common sense.

To be fair, there are points when everything around me revolves around architecture and I feel like giving up. But then again, I usually sleep it off and head back to the studio the next morning.